Wrapped up Cosy With a Brew

6 Steps to a Cosy Home

With the British summer, yes all two weeks of it, in full retreat it’s time to prepare for the dark days ahead. The winter months divide opinion but with a few tweaks, you can transform your home into the ultimate cosy sanctuary!

Think warm

I’m not just talking about that big blanket, add warmth to your lighting by using our filament or LED-filament lamps. With a colour temperature of 2,200 kelvin, our LED-filaments deliver a toasty orange hue and instantly take any room from cold to cosy.

Factorylux LED-filament lamps Cosy Warm Output

Cosy Area Rug

Invest in a rug

Area rugs are back in a big way. If you’ve been holding off, now is the perfect time to take the plunge.

Add colour, texture and depth to any room and express your individual style.

Invest in a massive fluffy number and curl up like a cub after a long dark day at the office.



Source a sconce

Adding some tertiary lighting not only saves money, it also adds depth to your room design and takes the strain of that central fixture. By employing sconces or other wall lights, you can forego the ‘big’ light and bring the lumen levels down to a comfortable cascade.

Maria Banjo and Cosy Fairy Lights

Set up the string lights

I don’t care what time of year it is, string lights look great! Set up a cosy corner or a relaxing reading nook with a string of fairy lights. Embrace the lazy and leave them up all year.

Dim or diffuse

If a sconce arrangement isn’t going to work or you’d simply prefer a single source, consider investing in a diffusing shade. Factorylux glass lamp shades offer a great option, providing great visual appeal along with a softening visage. Or get the look with a signature pendant and dimmer module, take our filament lamp as cosy as you dare.

Bletchley Park Pendant for Cosy Diffused Output

Rustic Candles For Instant Cosy

Go full Scrooge

In the cosiest way possible of course. Turn down the lights (save on those bills) and get some candles lit.

Given that they are literally on fire, it is no surprise that candles create a warm feel for any room.

Just be careful, we want fluffy blankets not fire blankets…


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