Bar & Pub Lighting Trade Solutions

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Bar & Pub Lighting

As consumer culture evolves, so too have bars and pubs. Shrewd establishments have kept pace and expanded by meeting patrons changing needs. By offering a destination, bars and pubs have become a hub for socialising. Providing a diverse and adaptable service requires greater interior planning and a keen focus on experience. With our flexible approach, we are able to meet the varied needs of these spaces and deliver engaging and attractive lighting for our clients.

Storming onto the bar scene in 2010, Brewdog emerged as not only crafters of fine beers but a brand with something to say. The company continues to grow, carving out a niche and developing a personality as strong as their beer (55% ABV is their latest record!). The bars themselves echo the brands style and ethos, often stripped back to the bare essentials. When we were commissioned to light their Nottingham bar, we followed suit. Using bare-bulb pendants en masse, we created a look that was minimal and yet still effective and eye-catching.

Mainstays of the bar scene since the 80’s, Revolution have found a way to evolve with the market and remain one step ahead. By diversifying and focusing on customer experience, Revolution and Revolución de Cuba bars have become nationwide staples. Opening at Electric Press in Leeds, Revolution worked with the original features of the Victorian industrial interior and delivered a décor and experience consistent with their brand identity. With our varied range, Urban Cottage Industries were the ideal partner. Working closely with the client, we delivered industrial pendants, decorative wall lights and ornate Steampunk chandeliers to suit each space.

Our commercial partners
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