Bakelite Vintage Ceiling Light | Straight


These simple ceiling lights are made in Germany from Bakelite for an authentic vintage look. Bakelite was an early synthetic plastic, widely used in light fittings because of it’s non-conductivity and resistance to heat.
  • the fitting sits flush to the wall and the lamp holder is 90º to the mounting surface
  • knock-outs in the base for surface wiring if required
  • takes a standard screw or E27 light bulb to a maximum of 60W
  • compatible with Factorylux Traditional Filament, LED-Filament and Eco-Filament light bulbs
  • supplied for easy and safe installation with comprehensive instructions, fixtures and fittings
The Factorylux wall light range includes an angled Bakelite light which is suitable for wall mounting. Or, for a less vintage and more industrial look, there is a ceramic wall light to a similar design.