Angled Swan Neck Light | Medium | Wall Light with Shade



This product has been discontinued. However, you may find it at a reduced price in our Worn Lighting section.


This wall light features the Factorylux Angled Lamp Shade and the shade can be rotated through 360º on the lamp holder to direct light from the fitting. Directed towards the mounting surface - as pictured - the fitting can be used for focal lighting of features such as artwork or displays. With the shade directed away from the mounting surface, the light is suitable for ambient or decorative lighting.
The shade measures 290mm in diameter (approx 11½ inches) and is available in silver nickel plate, galvanised steel and six genuine vitreous enamel colours.
  • fitted with a silver standard screw E27 or ES lamp holder and compatible with the Factorylux E27 or ES tungsten filament, LED-filament and Eco-Filament light bulbs
  • the projection from the back of the mounting box to the mounting point of the shade is 360mm and the total projection is 460mm with the shade facing inward and 490mm facing outward
  • the swan neck lights are hand built in the UK for exceptional quality and durability and each one is tested and certified to BS EN 60598
The Coolie Swan Neck Light has a shade in the same size that casts light down if preferred.