Angled Lamp Shade | 290mm


The Factorylux Angled Shades hang from the surface of the cone rather than the apex and direct light in a broad sideways arc. The shades are ideal for task lighting - directing light on a surface or area - and for the accent lighting of features such as wall art.
  • made entirely in the UK for exceptional quality and durability
  • designed for Factorylux E27 lamp holders - cord grip, hooked or threaded - with an extra shade ring
  • available shade-only or as complete pendants created using the Custom Lighting configurators
  • choose from six genuine vitreous enamel colours and two metallics - galvanised and silver nickel plate
  • shade measures 290mm or 11½ inches in diameter
For a conventional shade in a similar size, there are the Factorylux Coolie Lamp Shades, available in the same range of colours and finishes, or the Factorylux Coolicon Shades which are also available in copper and gold.