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Declaration of conformity

We work hard to ensure all our products comply with applicable British & European Standards. Download our latest  Declaration of Conformity (.pdf) for full details.



Using our products outside EU eg. Russia, Japan, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc

We are a British company and our compliance certifications only cover European (EU) directives - the legal jurisdiction we operate within. Many people have chosen to use our products in other parts of the world, either by exporting themselves or by buying directly using an international shipping option. Unless otherwise stated or agreed, for purchases intended for use outside the EU, the purchaser accepts sole responsibility for establishing compatibility / compliance with a relevant qualified / accredited agency. 

We are happy to test & certify our products for almost all countries, territories or set of standards (eg: 'UL' or 'ISO') however this normally works out at a significant extra cost which is unlikely to be sustained on smaller purchases, please email us for a quote.

Anecdotally (customer feedback), the most significantly different territories are USA, Japan, Taiwan - where the mains supply is in a different voltage range / frequency / etc. In these territories, it's worth noting the following points:

  • Our filament lightbulbs run at approx 50% brightness. Most customers have found this to be an acceptable characteristic where the bulbs are used for atmosphere but not where practical illumination is required. On the plus side, it also makes the bulbs last a very long time (years!)
  • The published amp rating of our fabric cable is based on EU supply voltage, and will be different when the supply voltage is different. This can be easily checked / calculated by your local contractor.


Warning: The advice given here is based on customer experience & feedback received. It should not be considered the advice of an accredited body.