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Share the chance to save a life | AED sharer

Using an automatic external defibrillator (AED) in the precious minutes after a cardiac arrest dramatically increases the chances of survival. When we bought an AED, we thought hard about how we could share the chance to save a life. We registered our AED at It’s a great site and and crucial resource, but we were worried it might be below the radar of the people – neighbouring businesses and organisations – we could share our AED with in an emergency.

AED sharing cards

Our solution is a special widget we have created for Google maps. If you have an AED, type your postcode in the search box below. Click the ‘find your neighbours’ button and you’ll see a list of the organisations and businesses close to you. The locations should be within a radius – a 3 minute ‘there and back’ jog – to enable your AED to save lives. The data is not perfect, because the Google data is not perfect. But the data will improve with time and it gives you a good idea of which organisations are close to you.

Our media and print teams have created postcards for people who have an AED to send to the organisations near them. The cards are free from our website here and we don’t charge for postage. We supply them in packs of five. UPDATE: the initial print run has been distributed but get in touch – – and we’ll look at printing some more.

When you get the cards, complete the information about your AED – your address, opening times and phone number. Deliver or post the cards to the people near you. Those who receive a card should display it – perhaps next to their first aid box. It raises awareness about AEDs and shares the chance to save a life. It’s also a great way to get in touch with neighbouring organisations you weren’t aware of and encourage people to look out for each other.

We’ve sent cards to our local businesses – the butchers, upholsterers and christmas illumination makers now know we have an AED. They’re all only a minute or so away. Our AED had the potential to save 26 lives, but it now has the potential to save over 200.

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    Order the AED cards here. When you receive them, fill them in and send them to your neighbouring businesses or organisations.
    AED card to share your defibrillator