Mondo*arc cards ready to be guillotined

#MondoCards | Light Collective x Factorylux®

– If you subscribe to mondo*arc or darc magazine, hang on to the postcards; we’re busy scheming a way to exploit the individually numbered cards  - no two have the same number – Factorylux is teaming up with Light Collective to create a series of ten postcard inserts for mondo*arc and darc, the international magazines for designers with light. […]

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Superdry pendant lamps

Lighting Superdry | Factorylux at the Trafford Centre

Superdry is a brand which blends Japanese design influences with vintage American to create instantly recognisable urban clothing. Superdry chose Factorylux interchangeable lighting components when kitting out their Trafford Centre store. Superdry has 80 of its own UK stores as well as the familiar concessions in department stores. Their designers and electrical contractors chose Factorylux […]

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Traditional lighting at Lissom and Muster | Sharing a commitment to quality

Lissom & Muster’s traditional footwear and clothing is lit by a collection of our traditional lighting. A selection of our lamp shades, incandescent lamps and fabric cable appears across both floors of the Manchester emporium. L&M sell things designed and built to last, finding and commissioning skilfully created and authentic goods. Every product is made […]

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Prelogram® Moleskine | Behind the scenes

Lots of people ask for information about how we make a Prelogram Moleskine. Here’s the whole process in six Vine videos. Stage 1 – a Linotype machine is used to typeset your words. As the keys on the Linotype machine are pressed, brass matrices drop from the magazines. Each chute in the magazine holds matrices […]

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Belly band Prelogram

Belly Bands | Upcycling ‘make readies’ from our print operation

When it comes to packaging, we’re all for reducing, reusing and recycling. The scrumpled paper in our boxes is 100% recycled and we don’t use hard-to-recyle plastic films. The belly bands for our personalised Moleskine notebooks and eco-filament light bulbs are made from paper upcycled from our print operation. Our collection of limited edition half-tone […]

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Tour de France print Gino Bartali

Matt Harper Curates Tour de France Prints For Prelogram

Matt Harper, co-founder of Look Mum No Hands (LMNH) has selected five of his all-time cyclists for our Prelogram Tour de France prints. The prints are available to buy here. LMNH is a cafe and bike repair shop rolled into two venues in east London. Matt was much too busy to be interviewed, but agreed […]

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ed-invent | Interview with Richard Taylor

It’s not every day we get asked to donate 500 lengths of fabric cable, each one just under 30cm in length. We were happy to oblige when we found out the cable was for an ed-invent project. The flex was used to demonstrate how far light travels in a nano-second. At 299,792,458 metres per second, it […]

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