Lights & Lighting

Maria Steampunk lighting at the Revolution Bar in Leeds

Factorylux Steampunk | Revolution Lighting at the Electric Press in Leeds

Lighting by Factorylux is front of house at the Revolution Bar in the Electric Press building at the heart of Leeds’ Civic Quarter. The grade II listed Electric Press building with its signature square chimney was built in 1894. As the name suggests, it was used by Chorley and Pickersgill as a printing works. The building was first redeveloped […]

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Craft Printing

Prelogram® Moleskine | Behind the scenes

Lots of people ask for information about how we make a Prelogram Moleskine. Here’s the whole process in six Vine videos. Stage 1 – a Linotype machine is used to typeset your words. As the keys on the Linotype machine are pressed, brass matrices drop from the magazines. Each chute in the magazine holds matrices […]

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The Interviews

Museum of Victorian Science | Interview with Tony Swift

We knew nothing of the Museum of Victorian Science until we received the e-commerce googly of a hand-written letter delivered by the Royal Mail asking for a filament light bulb and enclosing a cheque. The letter was from Tony Swift and, after finding out more about his Museum and Trip Advisor award, we processed the […]

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A steel light shade being made

Making Factorylux Light Shades

Factorylux light shades are made entirely in the UK by skilled engineers. The five minute film (30 second version here) shows Factorylux Coolicon shades being hand crafted from steel and vitreous enamel. The raw material for the shades is high quality low carbon steel (or pure copper for the copper shades) which is cut into […]

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Refurbished Apple iPad

Apple refurbished | Lateral thinking

Urban Cottage Industries runs exclusively on Apple hardware – there’s not a single Windows laptop, desktop, tablet or server in sight. Every employee gets their own MacBook or iPad, or both – whatever they prefer, irrespective of their role. It’s a big investment in one way and an absolute no brainer in another. I’ll look at the […]

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