speaker cable - green with banana plugs

Speaker cable | A sound pairing of form and function

Unsightly speaker cable is a problem we’ve had in mind to solve for a while. We’re pleased to report that we’ve fixed the friction between form and function by creating cable which is both audiologically sound and aesthetically pleasing. Our speaker cable specification demands 50 strands of 0.245mm diameter copper wire per core. Each core […]

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Bruno Post - acclaimed lighting designer

Bruno Poet | In conversation with the celebrated lighting designer

Bruno Poet is internationally recognised for his work designing lighting for theatre, opera, music and dance. He has worked on projects in the UK, Europe and the US. Bruno has created some truly original and amazing lighting designs. We worked with him in providing 1,000s of classic filament bulbs and other components for the production […]

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Lamps and light shades at the National Theatre's Frankenstein

Frankenstein lighting | Reviving the Creature at the National Theatre

Our lighting played a key role in Danny Boyle’s 2011 stage adaption of Frankenstein at the National Theatre. The production was resounding success, selling out its three month run and giving new life to the much revived story. Frankenstein reached an even greater audience when the performances were broadcast live to cinemas all over the […]

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filament lamps at BrewDog Nottingham

BrewDog bars | Getting lit up by our classic filament lamps

The rapid success of BrewDog is a heartening example of how a business run with passion can succeed. Starting out as a two man brewing operation in 2007, Brewdog is now internationally recognised for its craft beers. There’s also an entertaining irreverence to BrewDog’s attitude. They’re a world away from the mass market multi-national alcoholic […]

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The Great Interior Design Challenge | Lighting up episodes 6 and 7

The love for Urban Cottage Industries’ lighting products is spreading. Our vintage and industrial lighting is popping up all over the place. Last week we spotted some on the BBC’s Great Interior Design Challenge – and not just the once. The 12-part BBC Two series is presented by design and architecture critic Tom Dyckoff. It […]

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School recycling project | Turning used cereal boxes into business cards

We’ve been working on a school recycling project which turns cereal boxes into colourful business cards. It’s an idea we stole borrowed from Richard Meneely of the United States Business Card Company. Breakfast cereal manufacturers use high quality cardboard for their cereal boxes. The outside of the boxes feature eye-catching and hard-wearing printed designs. The inside […]

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