Lights & Lighting

Craft Printing

Prelogram – Recycling Christmas Cards

In 1843 John Callcott Horsley – a British painter noted for his objection to paintings of the nude – created a design for his friend Sir Henry Cole. The design, a triptych of images was lithographed onto 1,000 pieces of card and hand coloured. Each card bore the message ‘A Merry Christmas and a Happy […]

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The Interviews

Julia Cook jewellery

Julia Cook Simple Lights | Designed for Factorylux

Julia Cook is a goldsmith and jeweller renowned for her colourful nature-themed jewellery. She’s the founder of two successful jewellery businesses: Branch on the Park, a workshop and store in east London’s Victoria Park. And Blossoming branch, an online retailer. In 2010 Factorylux supplied the lighting for Branch on the Park – lighting which still looks […]

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A steel light shade being made

Making Factorylux Light Shades

Factorylux light shades are made entirely in the UK by skilled engineers. The five minute film (30 second version here) shows Factorylux Coolicon shades being hand crafted from steel and vitreous enamel. The raw material for the shades is high quality low carbon steel (or pure copper for the copper shades) which is cut into […]

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Hue Lux | Factorylux | Halloween 2014

#Huelloween – Hue Lux lights in a pumpkin are controlled by the frequency of #Halloween activity on Twitter using IFTTT (‘If This Then That’) functionality to process the data and create the triggers. As always, our skilled technicians are working to BS EN 60598, though the pumpkins (and all vegetables) are not covered by the […]

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